Another side of the story: Student danez la Facultatea de Jurnalism cauta români stabiliti în Danemarca


Dear all

I am student of journalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism where I am about to finish my graduation project. My general theme is integration of people from Eastern Europe, who have decided to settle down in Denmark. I write to you as I hope that some of you would like to tell me your story in an article.


As you probably know there has been a lot of debate about people from Eastern Europe in the Danish media the recent years. There has been a lot of stories in the news about immigrants who are working for low salaries and „threatening” the Danish jobs and stories about Eastern European immigrants who are taking benefit of the Danish welfare system.

I believe there sometimes are misunderstandings in the debate about immigrants from Eastern Europe, and that there is a need to tell another story to the Danish people.

My idea is therefore to focus on the fact that a rising number of Eastern European immigrants are deciding to settle down and integrate in Denmark. I want to tell that story through „real persons” and not politicians and other decision makers. I therefore hope that some of you would like to let me interview you and to let me follow you around for some days. I am interested in knowing why you have decided to move to Denmark, which opportunities you see in Denmark, how it is to leave Romania, and also to describe the challenges there can be when you move to a new country. I really hope that some of you would like to be interviewed by me and help me put focus on another side of immigration from Eastern Europe.

So if you recently have decided to settle down in Denmark, I am very interested to talk to you. If you have bought a house, an apartment or stuff like that it will be interesting for me as well.

My project will hopefully result in a long and interesting article that can put a new perspective on the debate. I can also mention, that the article can end up being published in a newspaper or a magazine.

I really hope that some of you are interested. My contact info are:


Phone: (+45) 25 44 24 49

Facebook: (you can add me as a friend)

If you have doubts or any questions please contact me.

Best regards,

Henrik Jensen

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