Despre cazul telefonului furat din Danemarca. Mesajul d-lui Luca Vlad (Pentru conformitate si repararea unei nedreptati)


Luca Vlad


My name is Luca Vlad. I am being accused of stolen a phone from Denmark. I have never visited Denmark nor worked there. For past two days I am litteraly bombard with messages and phone calls from people which are asking if any of these unfounded accusations are true.My family and my job have suffered from these false deliberations.I also deactivated my Facebook page only to keep my family safe from seeing the untrue gossip.


This DOESN’T make me a thief. I am aware of the „borrowed” phone situation but it is not in my property.Another Romanian has it and he already confessed that he will return it to the owner.These posts about me being the guilty one brought me damages to my person.If these accusations are not stopped somehow,I will make a CRIMINAL DENOUNCEMENT at the Embassy of Denmark in Romania where I will inform them about this unpleasant situation in which I was dragged.I can assure you that the people/magazines/web pages who are in charge of this shared situation will pay with civil and moral damages.

Luca Vlad


  1. Monica , daca inca nu ai inteles substanta comentariului , vin cu o alta intrebare care sa te faca sa intelegi mai bine : DE CE I AU FURAT TELEFONUL OMULUI ? DE CE IES DIN TARA SI COMIT SEMENEA FAPTE ? DACA IL FOLOSESC „CU RINDUL ” ESTE PT CA A FOST CU EI , SI” ARE DREPTUL” DE AL FOLOSI !In felul asta stii tu sa aperi un delicvent ? ” Ce oameni „… ce vrei sa spui , ca cei care comentam si acuzam faptele retrograde suntem cumva inferiori deligventilor ?
    Nu ma astept la un raspuns de la tine !

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