EU citizens don’t realise they have a vote: Romanian candidate in Danish election

Romanian Narcis George Matache is bidding to become only the second ever non-national elected official in Denmark in upcoming regional council elections in North Jutland.

Matache is running for election to North Jutland’s regional council in elections (regionsrådsvalg) which take place on November 21st, the same day as regional and municipal votes across the country.

All EU citizens, including those who reside in an EU country other than that of their own citizenship, are eligible to vote in regional elections, as well as both municipal and EU parliament elections.

Denmark-based EU citizens who have been assigned a personal identification (CPR) number will receive voting cards by post prior to elections and can, in many parts of the country including North Jutland, already vote at libraries by producing the yellow Danish state health insurance card.

But many EU citizens in Denmark remain unaware of their democratic voice in the country, says Matache.

“The use of political rights by non-national European citizens is largely invisible,” says Matache, who has lived in Denmark for eight years and is standing for the Social Democrat party.

“I arrived in Aalborg in August 2009 from a small village in Moldovan Romania to study Marketing Management at the University College of Northern Denmark. I was among the first 300 international students in town, not much compared to the fact they represent ten percent of the population today, and for a non-Danish speaker there was not much going on,” Matache told The Local.

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