Lars Christensen, „Danske Bank”: BNR ar trebui sa se gandeasca la un acord cu BCE sau FMI


  Lars Christensen, analist sef la "Danske Bank", considera ca BNR ar trebui sa se gandeasca la un acord formal cu Banca Centrala Europeana (BCE ) sau Fondul Monetar International (FMI), in vederea unui posibil imprumut menit sa stabilizeze situatia de pe piata, in cazul in care dobanzile interbancare vor continua sa creasca in perioada urmatoare. Am urma, astfel, exemplul Ungariei, care a primit de la BCE cinci miliarde de euro pentru a dinamiza piata locala de credite, sustine Lars Christensen. …

     …. Economistul "Danske Bank" a explicat: "BNR nu mai poate introduce lei in piata pentru atenuarea lipsei de lichiditate, intrucat o injectie de lei ar deprecia cursul, dar, in acelasi timp, banca centrala trebuie sa calmeze dobanzile de pe piata intebancara, ceea ce face ca misiunea ei sa fie foarte dificila".

     Lars Christensen considera ca Banca Nationala incearca sa tina situatia in frau, dar este posibil ca, "odata cu interventiile BNR, rezervele acesteia sa fi scazut". …Bursa


    Profile for Lars Christensen9. April 2008
    Name Lars Christensen
    Title Systems
    Born in 1971
    Marital status Single
    IT experience since 1995
    Personal profile
    Lars has worked with many different business areas of mobile, banking / finance for the union. He works structured and analytical, and his strength is his efficiency and speed to acquire new knowledge.
    Lars is working well both independently and as part of a team and contributing constructively to a good project cycle and a pleasant working atmosphere.
    Our activities
    Business Analysis
    Customer Support

    Application Types
    The banking and financial systems
    Logistics / Transportation
    Trade union Systems

    Industry Experience
    Shipping, Telecommunications, Banking, Pension, Unions
    7N categories

    * Mainframe

    Career highlights
    2007 – 2008: Danske Bank
    Title: External Consultant

    Conversion Task: Account the conversion of Fixed Term and structured products from Sampo Bank to Danske Bank.

    Other projects: Fixed Term deposit Ireland, Pension Info (Danica / BEC) and Structured deposits.
    2004 – 2007: IBM Transport & Logistics
    Title: IT Specialist

    Integration Projects for Maersk Line. Project: New version of SCV (Single Customer View), GEO-data and GDS (Shipment / cargo information). Production of MQ scripts to settle at MQ servers as well as design and implementation of the MQ message flows.
    2003 – 2004: Maersk Data Transport
    Title: Systems

    Integration Projects at Maersk Data – primarily for Maersk Sealand.
    Production of MQ scripts to settle at MQ servers.

    Project: MSL Message Broker Implementation & Migration.

    2002 – 2003: Maersk Data Organizer
    Title: Systems

    Develop programs to trade unions such as the quota (the balance sheet), labor market reforms, Daily member management.
    2001 – 2001: Danske Bank
    Title: Fixed-time consultant

    Accumulation of Danske Bank and Real Denmark (BG Bank). Conversion Task: conversion of loans from BG credit to Danske Bank – I made delivery programs in the RD-page as’ total ‘data to receive applications on DB-ago.
    2001 – 2001: Unibank / Nordea
    Title: Fixed-time consultant

    System Zone: Unikredit and BMS system. Project: Maxrente project, new product to Unikredit which is comparable to the product Flex loans. BMS will be able to receive data (loan cases) from Unikredit, and subsequently order must be set up in BMS. Every year held an ‘auction’, where the rate of the loan will be determined. On ‘auction day’ is so determined, on loan to be refinanced, including resulting in reports to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and the internal processing of future loans.
    2000 – 2000: Unibank / Nordea
    Title: Fixed-time consultant

    System Zone: Unibank BMS system (Stock broker System). Project: Saxess (Saxo) – new trading system for bond trading. Bond Dealers were moved from Copenhagen to Stockholm Stock Exchange. The move meant a lot to BMS major changes system since the stock data would be received / processed from Stockholm and forwarded to Unibank other areas like system. Online investment, risk management and branches.
    1999 – 1999: Unibank / Nordea
    Title: Fixed-time consultant

    Problem-solving and project participation for Team Currency at Unibank A / S (fund management improvement team).
    Project Field Course: The project aimed to expand the rate fields from screens for programs and down in the databases.
    The project NDF (Non Deliverable Forward), the currency contracts agreed on specific terms between the bank and customer (comparable to a bet). Other tasks: Solving the ad-hoc tasks such as. errors in the transcripts, letter text and data supplied to the VAX / Digital and IBM.
    1997 – 1999: Tele Denmark
    Title: Systems

    Mobile / rate of mobile talks (MARS).
    1995 – 1997: Bank Data
    Title: System Designers

    Various development projects primarily in the area of bank accounts among other CAD Directive.
    (Trade and Management / Accounting / HOF).
    Last year’s experience level used
    Programming Language
    COBOL 8 Specialist 2007
    PL / 1 3 Very experienced in 2008
    IBM DB2 9 Specializes in 2008
    IBM IMS – DL / 1 5 Very experienced in 2003
    IBM MVS 9 Specialist 2008
    IBM WebSphere MQ 3 Very experienced in 2006
    IBM Z / OS 9 Very experienced in 2008
    Tandem 4 Very experienced in 2001
    XML 2 Experienced in 2006
    HTML 1 Experienced in 2006
    Tools mm.
    CA Unicenter CA-Insight 2 Experienced in 2003
    BEA Visual Cafe Experienced
    IBM / Rational Visual Age Generator (VAG) 1 Knowledge 2001
    Products and middleware
    Software AG EntireX 1 Experienced in 2003
    Education, training and certifications

    * 1994 data processing, Odense COMPUTER school


    * 2007 Rational Data Architect
    * 2007 IBM Debug Tool
    * 2006 WebSphere MQ Version 6
    * 2005 IBM Lotus and Domino-Plus
    * 2004 Advanced WBI Messaging Workshop
    * 2004 MQ MBI Programming
    * 2004 XML Course
    * 2004 MQ Workflow Intro and Modeling
    * 2003 WebSphere MQ Architecture / Design
    * 2003 WebSphere MQ Clustering
    * 2003 WebSphere MQ Integrator Workshop
    * 2003 CA Insight
    * 2001 VAG / CSP
    * 1997 Tandem
    * 1996 Datamon enkelsfag, Program Design in C
    * WebSphere MQ Version 5, V

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