Primim la redactie: Gigel Radu, a woman in front of Netto wants to get in contact with you


Salve, Salut Harry Benson

I hope you can understand english

If you know or if you someday see a man playing with Harmonica (Barbat cu Armonica) and ask him, what are your name and he answer Gigel Radu, then please tell him that a woman in front of Netto wants to get in contact with him again and he’ll know who I am

He should have accomodation with a danish speaking Macedonia woman in Nyhavn or maybe around Nyhavn, but I think he plays Harmonica around in Copenhagen and I dont see him in front my Netto any longer outside Copenhagen,

I think they told him to go away You have earlier taking pictures of romanian people around in Copenhagen, so I hope I have luck with your help

Tell Gigel Radu to write to xxxx ( please write a comment ) with adress and phonenumber and if he do I hope to get his mail

Thank you for your help

Woman in front Netto, ( please write a comment )


  1. Dear Woman in front of Netto,

    We deleted your email from the article.

    The article will stay thow, and hopefully somebody will write at comments ( comentarii ) about the whereabouts of Mr. Gigel Radu.

    Please come back at any time…

    Yours sincerely,
    Harry Benson
    journalist investigative of some sorts

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