Ministrul de Justiţie danez Lars Barfoed sprijina acuzele impotriva postului pro-kurd Roj TV


Ministrul de Justiţie danez Lars Barfoed a declarat că a sprijinit cererea procurorilor de a aduce acuzaţii împotriva susţinătorilor postului Roj TV pentru “promovarea activităţilor unei organizaţii teroriste”.

Denmark plans terrorism charge against Kurdish TV

The Danish government said on yesterday it backed the filing of terrorism-related charges against two Denmark-based companies behind a Kurdish television station that prosecutors accuse of promoting the PKK militant group. Danish Justice Minister Lars Barfoed said in a statement that he supported the prosecutors’ request to bring charges against the backers of Roj-TV for “promoting the activities of a terror organisation”. Denmark’s public prosecutors’ office said in a separate statement that charges would be brought against the Denmark-based companies Roj-TV A/S and Mesopotamia Broadcast A/S METV under section 114 of the Danish Criminal Code. That section makes it a criminal offence to promote the activities of an individual, group or association that commits or intends to commit acts of terrorism, the prosecutors said. Prosecutors will also seek to have Roj-TV’s Danish broadcasting licence suspended, they said. The station is available by satellite in Turkey and various European and Middle Eastern countries. The case will be heard by the Copenhagen City Court, but a trial date has not yet been set, the prosecutors said.

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